Office: KP. Ninh Thanh – Ninh Son Ward – TP. Tay Ninh – Tay Ninh Province
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Business Department: KP. Ninh Thanh – Ninh Son Ward – TP. Tay Ninh – Tay Ninh Province
Phone: 066.3601636 – 389 4567
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 – Day officially open to visitors 07/11/2008
 – General Manager – Investor : Mr. Nguyen Van Nung
 – Total existing area: 27 ha
 The project went into operation
+ Hotels (03 stars)
+ Seafood restaurant
+ Village Bake Zone
+ Coffee – The Mind
+ Weekend buffet
+ House Wedding – Conference (accommodating 1,000 guests)
+ Water park
+ Professional music theater (undercover – a capacity of 5,000 spectators)
+ 5D cinema
+ Racing F1
+ Primary Contact Zone Complete Games
+ Zoo (Picnic – camping)
+ Recreational Fishing
+ Swan – Bicycles Countries
+ Bumper car
+ 18th Floor hell
+ The game feels strongly
The projects under construction
   –  Tennis course
   – Luxury resort
     Back in time and return to the economy in Tay Ninh Province opened a new era with very difficult gold, along with productive labor, business, and entertainment needs rest to the people in the home province is quite needy, has for a long time people in the province wishes to have a recreation area healthy for rest and relaxation after a day of work.IMG_0131
To meet the needs of entertainment for the people, from the farm land is no longer cultivated advantages, 2002, Mr. Nguyen Van Nung – General Director of the Company has formed construction projects with eco-tourism zone an initial area of ​​13 hectares. Currently, the area has been greening over by the long grasslands and lush green trees. And with more than 13 hectares of additional land since 2004, is the orchard with natural stream running around, bringing the total area to nearly 27 hectares, reaching their land had become a tourist site largest private Tay Ninh Province.
   Along with the economic development of the country in general and in particular in Tay Ninh Province, the construction of a cultural tourism area to serve the spiritual life of the people became an essential work, in accordance with guidelines PPC. From here, the project to build tourist resorts Long Dien Son into reality, the work items in turn are built.
                                                     (A section of Long Dien Son Tourist Area)
    Strong knowledge of the natural environment, to honor traditional values, Mr. Nguyen Van Nung has established Long Dien Son Tourist Area a scene very close to people’s spiritual Vietnam. With unique features of its own, Long Dien Son Tourist Area promises to bring your guests feel about the value of life can not forget.
   The center of Tay Ninh City about 05km to the northwest, a tourist resort Nui Ba 3km, Long Dien Son Tourist Area is uninterrupted attractions in the tour of the visitors to the Tay Ninh.
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