Seafood restaurant in Long Dien Son is the time of ancient roof beam house, located lakeside with fresh episode airy space, mingled with melodious music creates a sense of relaxation. Come to the restaurant you are served with attentive professional staff along with specialty dishes Europe – Asia by skilled chefs perform. The restaurant is the ideal location, cozy place to gather her office, family and friends.
– Our restaurant has received to serve birthday parties, reunions, weddings – conferences, tourism Group in and outside the province
For further information, please contact Sales Department Long Dien Son KDL
Address: KP.Ninh Middle -P. Ninh Son – TP. Tay Ninh – Tay Ninh Province
Tel: 066. 389 4567 – 3601636     Fax: 066. 3812583
Sales 1 : 0919 075 792 ( Mr. Lợi)
Sales 2 : 0918 821 124 ( Ms. Thanh Nhàn)
Cordially invited.

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